Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Philip L Davidson

Sometimes I have guests on the show whose real life adventures and tales are better than any book that could be written. My guest today Philip L Davidson is one such person.

A Vietnam Vet, he found himself in Berlin, one of the very few people tasked with guarding the Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. Hess was the last remaining prisoner in Spandau, the entire prison complex was maintained for this one inmate. After leaving the Armed Services he moved on to an even more exciting career, a law enforcement officer, a teacher, a coach, and now a Civil Rights Lawyer.

Not that his book “DREAMER” is his first dip into literature. Back in 1979 he wrote a text book, I think the title might give the subject matter away, ‘SWAT’. This was the text adopted across the countries police forces to develop SWAT teams, much of what he wrote still be the bases for teaching today.

In his debut novel “Dreamer” the major theme is the internal squabbles and conflict that went on within Argentina following the demise of the Peron’s. When the military ruled with an iron fist and tens of thousands of people went missing, tortured and then killed by the military Junta. Being around the time of the Falkland invasion, of course as an Englishman it brings back to me much of what went on at that time.

Another theme that runs throughout Dreamer is good versus evil, God versus Satan. In the interview we explored this at some length. Phil himself, I think, has been a little surprised by what some reviewers and readers have said about this aspect.

Somehow, someway, Dreamer has been labeled as Christian Literature.
It is a book that will appeal to many from the religious to the readers of a good action/thriller and is one the books of the summer.

We also heard about Philip’s next book “The Purple Panther” which hopefully he’ll be back to chat about when the book is launched.

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with today Philip L Davidson "


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