Monday, May 23, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Leah Cypess

Former Class of 2K10 debut author Leah Cypess makes a welcome return to A Book and a Chat tonight, not only is it great to catch up with what has been happening to Leah since we spoke about a year ago, but also to chat about her new book "Nightspell" which comes out on May 31st.

Last year we learned that like many other authors she’d started writing items at a young age, but in the case of Leah this was in first grade where she wrote a story narrator by an ice-cream cone in the process of being eaten. Then in fourth grade with the influence of Black beauty and Lassie Leah wrote a story about a girl who is shipwrecked on a desert island where she and her faithful dog have numerous adventures.

This was the starting point for Leah’s travel through the world of writing, which has led to her debut novel “Mistwood”. “A desperate prince… a castle full of lies… and an ancient shape shifter trapped in the form of a human girl.”

This book proved one of the YA success of 2010 chocked full of diverse and interesting characters. From Isabel, the unique Shifter with staunch loyalties to many people’s personal favorite Clarisse, Rokan’s conniving and resourceful sister.
Clarisse is actually the one character that spans that links to Leah’s new book "Nightspell" a stand-alone companion novel to the much-acclaimed Mistwood.

About Nightspell: (Thanks to Goodreads)

When Darri rides into Ghostland, a country where the living walk with the dead, she has only one goal: to rescue her younger sister Callie, who was sent to Ghostland as a hostage four years ago.

Callie however has changed in those four years, and now has secrets of her own. In her quest to save her sister from herself, Darri will be forced to outmaneuver a handsome ghost prince, an ancient sorcerer, and a manipulative tribal warrior (who happens to be her brother). When Darri discovers the source of the spell that has kept the dead in Ghostland chained to this earth, she faces a decision that will force her to reexamine beliefs she has never before questioned - and lead her into the heart of a conspiracy that threatens the very balance of power between the living and the dead.

With a new book and fresh plot already underway, I’m sure Leah success of 2010 will not only continue with “Nightspell” but go on through 2012 as well.

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend sixty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with today Leah Cypess"


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