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A Book and a Chat with Shelly Frome

My guest today's "A Book and a Chat is Shelly Frome. Shelly a Professor Emeritus of dramatic arts at the University of Connecticut, went from studying law to become a professional actor and theater director, before branching out into writing.

His literary credits include a number of national and international articles on acting and theater, profiles of artists and notable figures in the arts, books on theater and film and mystery novels. His latest writing production is a wonderful mystery novel called “The Twinning Murder”.

As Shelly shared with us during an entertaining show, “The Twinning Murder” got it’d creative juices from many of Shelly’s own travels and local happenings.

The story is a modern day classic mystery, which could be called a cozy read as the profanity and violence that sometimes fills the pages of murder mystery book is extremely minimal, with the murder part being in theatrical terms primarily “off stage”.

The characters many of which can only be classed as eccentric have to founding from both sides of the Atlantic. Many, as Shelly shared with us, are based on people he’d actauly come into contact with.

The mystery has a genuine old fashioned Agatha Christie-Miss Marple, British mystery feel to it though most of the action is set in Connecticut.

The female sleuth Emily Ryder though is far from being the “sit in the chair, work out the plot while knitting a pair of socks” type of investigator, is a thirty something rambler and tour guide.

About The Twinning Murders:

The story opens just before she embarks on this year’s Twinning: a ritual exchange between her historic New England home and its sister village deep in Dartmoor, a wild upland area in the west of England .

Presently, Emily becomes involved in a suspicious death that affects her personally. A few days later, at the Twinning itself, her main client meets the same fate. As Emily’s world continues to unravel, and though she has little help, she finds herself compelled to piece together the games being played on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you like a cozy mystery, especially those with a British flair, you should definitely consider booking a trip to visit the two Lydfields with Emily and see how well you fare figuring out The Twinning Murders.

So listen to an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Shelly Frome"


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