Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Jennie Helderman

Jennie Helderman makes a welcome return visit to A Book and a Chat today, to tell us more about herself and her wonderful book “As the Sycamore Grows” and what has gone on since she was last on the show.

Jennie was a “girl power” forerunner, when at the age of ten she became the first girl page in the Alabama State Legislature.

That surge of girl power wouldn’t be the last time she saw a need to put women’s issues at the forefront. Years later, after she helped set up a crisis-call center in an old house, a cry for help at the other end of the phone line resounded in her head. That call was the catalyst; eventually, the empty bedrooms upstairs served as the community’s first shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Through years of helping champion women’s and children’s issues and working with child abuse victims Jennie put her own mark on the Alabama human rights issues.

Jennies reputation has been enhanced by her wonderful, and as we heard during the show now multi award winning book “As the Sycamore Grows”.

The book is the true story– real names–of a seventeen year abusive marriage; a Sleeping with the Enemy in the Tennessee backwoods, as told by Ginger, who escaped, and Mike, who abused and holds no remorse.

As the Midwest Book Review wrote about this interesting and thought provoking book…

“…a life-story of emancipation, personal fulfillment and escape—not only from a padlocked cabin in the woods, but from a backwards anti-feminist culture into the broader world of contemporary human rights that is America’s mainstream….”

This is a book, that as we heard, is appealing to men and woman alike and keeping Jennie busy being guest speaker at many locations and events, with the possibility of a film also now under discussion it’s always good to have this interesting lady as a guest on the show.

So listen to an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Jennie Helderman"


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