Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Book and a Chat with C.S Lakin

My guest C.S. Lakin makes a very welcome return on today’s "A Book and a Chat". Previously a guest on the show last December, when she chatted about her book “The Wolf of Tebron” the first book in the fantastic new fantasy series “The Gates of Heaven”. Is back to tell us more about the series and her new book (second in the series) “The Map Across Time”.

She wrote her first novel over twenty three years ago, and got picked up almost straight away by a top literary agent. But it was not an overnight success, writing subjects from suspense and mystery to sci-fi it never really happened. That is until the last couple of years, when two of her books were published within months of each other.

Her contemporary fiction novel “Someone to Blame” won the Zondervan First Novel contest in 2009. The book is full of tension, written with scenes and characters that make you wanting to keep turning the page, keeping the reader guessing as to what happens next.

About “The Gates of Heaven” series:

Fairy tales inspire hope, while at the same time impart life lessons as a hero or heroine ventures out into the world on a classic "hero's journey." Those of us raised reading fairy tales have had these values inculcated in us from early on, but it seems no one has taken the path of reinventing traditional fairy tales and turning them into full-length, original novels.

This is the aim of The Gates of Heaven collection of fairy tales: to draw from traditional, well-known classic tales and combine these elements with new storylines and deep characters. Designed to follow in the tradition of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia (but for a more adult and sophisticated audience), these tales meld humor, purpose, and inner struggles as characters seek heaven's will for their lives.

The Map Across Time:

The kingdom of Sherbourne is plagued by an ancient curse which must be halted before devastation results. The King's twin teenagers, Adin and Aletha, use a magical map to go back in time to discover the origin of the curse and its cure, but everything goes awry. Can Adin manipulate events in the stream of time to assure the salvation of his kingdom?

We heard also about the third book in the series “The Land of Darkness" as well as a little hint about the fourth of this seven book series, also about another fantasy book to do with time travel.. and so much more… that she is producing.

With “The Gates of Heaven” series my guest C.S. Lakin has not just taken over the mantel from C.S. Lewis for adult fairytale/fantasy writing, but with her other writing has set her literary level of success to something that others will be looking up to.

So listen to an interesting and entertaining show as I spend sixty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with C.S.Lakin"


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