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A Book and a Chat with Hermina Krista Pettiford

Hermina Krista Pettiford, the women's ministry leader in her local Church - New Covenant Tabernacle located in San Diego, and mother of four, has penned the first of what I feel will be many more books on spirituality and the human condition; "Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman." Although the book states it is “for Modern Christian Woman” I can see this book being a help for general life balancing in a world where everything seems go at a hundred miles an hour.

Being the atypical single parent of four children, the author finds herself juggling her duties and responsibilities as the IT Network Manager for the Sycuan Tribal Government, and writing a devotional style blog once a week, in between work projects and her children's sports events. Thus, the basis of “Surrendered Balance”.

The book is written in two-parts and gives advice and insight into balancing daily priorities and tasks, it also includes a weekly planner to make sure it happens.
The first part of the book is entitled The Plan -Setting and Keeping Balanced Goals lists seven principles / disciplines in the form of goals for women to implement into their lives that will produce a godly balance. It also explains how to fit the activities into a busy lifestyle using the Planner which is part two of the book entitled The Work – Putting Your Plan into Action that helps women – wives and mothers set weekly goals and keep them.

The book includes sections on : Nourish Your Spirit, Family Time, Home-made Healthy, Parent-In-School, Kononia, Know Yourself Grow Yourself, and Rest and Revive.

The most unique part of the book is the planner because it was made to function like women, which in turn makes keeping your goals easier. Women make lists for just about everything, even if we don’t write them we make mental notes. When you make a to-do-list you mark things off until the list is done. The activities were created in the form of weekly to-do-lists that will guide you and help you stay on track in making your desire for a balanced life a reality.

"Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman." Is the first of what I feel will be many more books on spirituality and the human condition.

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Hermina Krista Pettiford"


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