Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Rosalyn Berne

Rosalyn Berne has always known that she was different from most people.  Even as a child she was aware of things that others could not see or hear, experiencing the life force around her. As she grew older like a lot of things, this gift seemed to leave her as she dedicated her life to education.

With a BA, MA, and PH.D in hand, Rosalyn as a university professor she writes and teaches about engineering and technology in society and the ethical implications of technological development, often using science fiction material in her classes.

Then about 6 years ago the talents that had laid latent since she was a child started to return and with them something new that has since changed her life.

Returning to Costa Rica―a once–visited sanctuary—she sought solace from the world and hoped to begin healing from a painful divorce and the subsequent breakdown of her family.   Drawn to the horses that are part of the working farm-resort that was her retreat, she suddenly and unexpectedly received a gift―the ability to communicate with them.   And what they said changed her life.

In her book “When the Horses Whisper” Rosalyn shows the true power of horses.  Once they realized that Rosalyn was able to ‘hear’ them they opened up completely, showing her a world of strength, beauty and, most importantly, love.  She begins to realize how strong the bond is between horse and human and how anyone can communicate with them on a deeper level.   She also learns how they can help humans to heal from loss and pain as she begins to recover from her own grief, including the loss of a child, a traumatic childhood encounter, and the end of her marriage.

About “When the Horses Whisper” : (taken from Authors web site)

When the Horses Whisper shows the capacity of horses to help us heal the human heart. It expresses human language what horses have to say when given the chance to speak. It is a story about the bond between horse and human, and the communication made possible when the bond is based on love. 

Conversations with fifteen horses most of whom live and work in Costa Rica, are featured along with their photographs, capturing them as individual beings in service to humans on a shared evolutionary journey. This journey amounts to the remembering of our whole selves in the wholeness of creation, especially the parts we split off, deny, and place in shadow because they are too painful. Horses, as the book shows, can help us see these lost parts, and call forth our courage to reclaim them. 

For the author, these included the loss of a newborn daughter, the mental illness of an adult son, letting go of a thirty-year marriage, and childhood sexual abuse. The story recounts the equine healing work that helped in reclaiming her authentic self. This book is testimony to the power of horses and equine healing work in transforming life’s losses into a deeper human wholeness and a further communion with the non-human world.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Rosalyn Berne


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