Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bullying - A Book and a Chat with Shelia Murphy Adams

On this the fifth of my six shows featuring “bullying” my guest is teacher and fellow Connecticut author Shelia Murphy Adams.

From almost the time she could hold a crayon Shelia has loved writing, creating many poems and short stories, of which I am pleased to say, many from as far back as elementary school still exist.

Somewhat late in life Shelia became a teacher and as we learned from the show was not able to use her own experience as a mother but also share with her pupils the full process of creating a and editing a book.
So far with four books in print, Shelia has covered many subjects.

Her latest novel “The Coolest Kids in School” covers the issue of bullying. The story takes place in a school that is being ruled by a bully named Robbie.  When Pete, a tough looking new kid, starts school, the students worry that he will soon join forces with Robbie.  But Pete has no interest in being the class bully.  He actually thinks Robbie’s behaviors are lame.  Will Pete be able to convince Robbie and the other kids that being cool doesn’t mean being a bully?  Can Pete prove that a person can be both COOL and KIND?

Like her latest book, Shelia's first book “Beads, Bands & a Brass Ring”, is illustrated by her father Ed Murphy. The book is a result of a memoir study which Shelia and her fourth graders explored.

Louie Digs Up a Surprise was her second published book, Shelia describes the reason for writing this book thus…

 As a teacher and mother, I have too often heard the words “I wish I could…” followed by any number of abilities or activities.  I wish I could play soccer like…, I wish I could draw like…, I wish I could do math like…  Children are so quick to compare themselves to others, always measuring their own abilities against those of their friends.  My wish as a teacher and mother is that all children will come to appreciate the qualities that make them special.

In the book Shelia creates a lovable character named Louie, a young puppy living on the Harrison’s farm.  Louie loves playing with his friends on the farm, but he can’t help comparing his abilities to those of his friends.

Next came Puffy No Nose he story of a much-loved and well-worn stuffed bunny, Puffy No-Nose, who finds himself replaced by a new favorite toy on Christmas morning.

These books for me with their teachers notes and information are ideal for any school library and a great gift for all children.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest on today's show about bullying on Bullying - A Book and a Chat with Shelia Murphy Adams


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