Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bullying - A Book and a Chat with Bruce Sarte

On this the fourth of my shows covering “bullying” I am pleased to welcome author Bruce Sarte for a return visit to the show.

Author of “The Towering Pines” series as well as introducing us to detective Lance Carter in books such as “Philadelphia Story” and the “Insider Story” and his soon to be released “Bourbon Street Story” which see’s Lance leaving Philly for a trip to the south.

 Inspired by several speakers and some of the preventable tragedies A Sarte around us, Bruce author and Technology Professional will soon be presenting the Raising a Responsible Digital Citizen Town Hall.
 Bruce shared much about what he has learned and is trying to educate both children and in many cases more so the parents who might not be as internet savvy as their offspring.

In his hour long town hall, Bruce will cover:

·    What is the digital landscape and how does your child see it?
·    How to prepare yourself for the digital landscape
·    What is Facebook and Twitter and why do you need to worry?
·    What is CISPA and why doesn't it matter.
·    How to talk to your kids about using online resources such as Facebook, YouTube and the difference     between these and online research.
·    What is CyberBullying?
·    Why is CyberBullying particularly dangerous for your child?
·    How to help your child protect themselves from online predators and cyberbullies.
·    Preparing your home for a safe Internet and cell phone experience.
·    The Responsible Digital Citizen Contract

Also we touched on the new books and audio version of books coming out later this year.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest on today's show about bullying on Bullying - A Book and a Chat with Bruce Sarte


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Bullying - A Book and a Chat with Bruce Sarter

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