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A Book and a Chat with Danelle Harmon

After six shows about bullying it is good to get back to my normal format, not that I have not enjoyed and found very informational the shows on the bullying subject. I could not have asked for a better guest to get back into the old routine than New York Times and USA Today and International best selling and award winning Historical Romance author Danelle (yes that’s spelt right) Harmon.

Danelle has a life that almost matches her own writings when it comes to romance, leaving her home and family and travelling 3000 miles to be with somebody she’d met and fallen in love with on the internet.  Having been in the same boat… rather airplane as her but while my trip was from the UK to the USA, Danelle followed her heart to be with and marry the man she’d fallen in love with in England.

As Danelle describes it…

How did a Yankee girl who used to be a 1775-era minuteman in a Boston re-enactment group end up in ENGLAND, of all places? Well, in 1994, I met a wonderful man over the Internet. He was handsome, intelligent, all that a romantic hero should be... but there was just one little catch -- he was English, and lived 3,000 miles away! Love always wins in the end, though, and following a romantic courtship in which our gilded coaches bore the names "British Airways" and "Virgin Atlantic," the good doctor from England asked me to marry him.

This romance can be found in her award winning historical romance books which have received many hundreds of fantastic reviews on Amazon.

From her first book “Pirate in Arms” to her “Hero’s of the Sea” and “De Montforte” series the name Danelle Harmon has become one that all lovers of historical romance have read an enjoyed. Indeed her book “The Wild One” (first in the “De Montforte” series) has well over 500 reviews on Amazon.

Now after a break to start and raise a family, Danelle is back not only with her books being now released in updated EBook format, but with a fresh book in the “De Montforte” series heading for  the publisher.

About “The Wild One”: (taken from Amazon)

Lord Gareth de Montforte is an irresponsible, fun-loving rake when beautiful Juliet Paige arrives from America with his late brother's baby, hoping to give the child a name. Gareth impulsively weds her, only to discover he wasn't ready for all the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood. They're in for plenty of trouble and heartache, until they discover that their love can overcome anything.

Danelle was described in -Laurie Likes Books thus…

Author Danelle Harmon is known on the 'Net for her fiery demeanor and the romantic way in which she met her husband. She is also known as an author's author -- witness Julia Quinn's comments about her, "Danelle is one of maybe four writers I will buy without even looking at the back cover copy. People hold on to her books, and with good reason."

A great show, with a great author. So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Danelle Harmon


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