Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Lauren Roedy Vaughn

“There are good books, and there are great books, and then there are books with characters you’ll never forget”. So writes one reviewer about Lauren Roedy Vaughn’s book “OCD, The Dude, and Me”. I would like to add, it is a book that can be read and enjoyed by all. Making the fact that Lauren was the guest on tonight’s “A Book and a Chat” a show I had been looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In a way Lauren is especially equipped, even picked out, to write Danielle’s story in “OCD, The Dude, and Me”. She has been a special education teacher and a writer for nearly 20 years. In 2005, she received the Walk of Hearts Teaching Award, and she serves on the Board of the International Dyslexia Association’s Los Angeles Branch.

The mentioned being picked out for that in a way is what seemed to happen to Lauren, the story just chose her to be the author, and a great job she did. As Lauren described…

“One day when I was teaching and thinking about how difficult it is to be a high school student, especially one with learning challenges or psychological issues. I have great respect and compassion for these students. They are warriors. I was moved to write about a fictional one of these high school students to illuminate the courage I see in so many of them"

The result is a story that is smart, funny, touching, and has a strong voiced main character, it is written in a format that employs various formats including emails, diary entries and school essays.

About “OCD, The Dude, and Me” (taken from Amazon):

With frizzy orange hair, a plus-sized body, sarcastic demeanor, and "unique learning profile," Danielle Levine doesn't fit in even at her alternative high school. While navigating her doomed social life, she writes scathing, self-aware, and sometimes downright raunchy essays for English class.

As a result of her unfiltered writing style, she is forced to see the school psychologist and enroll in a "social skills" class. But when she meets Daniel, another social misfit who is obsessed with the cult classic film The Big Lebowski, Danielle's resolve to keep everyone at arm's length starts to crumble.

“OCD, The Dude, and Me” is one of those books I highly recommend for people of all ages.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Lauren Roedy Vaughn


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