Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Tamera Will Wissinger

It is a pleasure to have another of the member of the Class of 2K13 (debut YA and mid grade authors) in the form of Tamera (like camera) Will Wissinger. Who joined me to chat about her debut book “Gone Fishing”, a charming new children’s novel written in verse.

The middle of three children Tamera remembers well going fishing with her parents when she was young, and I still when her schedules allow, going fishing with her husband. In fact several scenes from the book are taken straight from her family fishing experiences.

About “Gone Fishing” (taken from authors web site):

Using a wide variety of poetic forms – quatrains, ballads, iambic meter, rhyming lists, concrete poetry, tercets and free verse – this debut author tells the story of a nine-year-old boy’s day of fishing. Sibling rivalry, the bond between father and son, the excitement – and difficulty – of fishing all add up to a day of adventure any child would want to experience.

Matthew Cordell illuminates this novel-in-verse throughout with his energetic black-and-white line drawings.
While each poem can be read and enjoyed on its own, the poems work together to create a story arc with conflict, crisis, resolution and character growth.

The back matter of this book equips the reader with a Poet’s Tackle Box of tools and definitions for understanding the various poetic forms the author uses in this story.

The book has received numerous praising reviews from people of all ages.

"Just the thing for readers with a burgeoning interest in poetry—or angling."
—Publishers Weekly

"A playful verse narrative of the joys and perils of a family fishing trip. . . . This tender, well-crafted sibling story should hook many readers."

"Engaging verse that's just the right depth and length for chapter-book readers. . . A solid, entertaining story to hook children on poetry."

"All of Sam's episodes take the form of poems, each discreetly labeled by its poetic form, which is then defined at the end of the book. . . most will enjoy the notion that there are as many ways to tell a tale as to catch a fish."


The book is a delightful book that not only will entertain readers of all ages with a compelling storyline, as well as introduce them to many forms of poetry.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Tamera Will Wissinger


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