Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Book and a Chat Author Warning

After my Male YA Month we are back with general books and issues for all ages and people. As you all know and have heard from numerous authors and guests who have appeared on the show, us small, and in some cases not so small authors about supporting the small independent book stores.

There are though sometimes some issues, and my two guests on the show today, both of whom have appeared as show guests in their own right Melissa Crandall and MJ (Mo) Allaire talked of their own experiences and issues at one of our CT local stores. Providing some very useful information and guide lines, for other authors who might be planning book signings on a small local shop.

Both these ladies explained about issues with “Burgundy Books” Norwich Road, East Haddam CT. Both of the authors have in the past done book signing events in this store, and neither has received any money for the books sold, and as we heard through the show, even though they have taken the store to the small claims court, and won, and have a marshal trying to recover their money, nothing so far has come to fruit. It almost seems if you turn round and play the ostrich burying your head in the sand then you can get away with things.

Several interesting aspects and tips for authors were discussed during the show including perhaps just having a simple contract you and the store both sign to protect both of you.

As well as this warning I was able to bring up something myself and yesterdays guest Alan Gratz were able to discuss about some small book stores, and I’m “not” talking second hand stores, but some stores he has seen selling “arc” copies of books. There again I’m sure the author and the publisher might be interested if seen, as an “arc” is just an advance copy donated to people for reviews etc, not sold.

To end the interesting show we heard what the two ladies are up to in their own literary lives, with fresh books on the way.


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