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MYM A Book and a Chat with R.A. Nelson

R.A (Russ) Nelson, grow up like a modern day Huckleberry Finn, his life full of fun and adventure, building tree houses or horror house, waging warts with rotten water melons or constructing an "airplane" that was pushed out of his sweet gum tree, with his brother on board for a very show and downward flight.

Yet all the time Russ was reading and writing, from his first single act play “The Mummy’s Curse,” he still has boxes of those early and normally uncompleted efforts, approximately two million words stored away in boxes that will most likely never see the light of day, and that’s not counting the other million words or so stored on computer disks and flash drives, etc.

It was while he was struggling with a yet still unpublished novel “The House of Novembers”, that the character “Nine” appeared to him out of the blue. As Russ explained during a fascinating program, this was the start of what developed into his first published and award winning novel “Teach Me”.


"What happens when a high school student and her teacher cross that line? From the very first page, Nine speaks in a voice that is at once raw, honest, direct, and unusually eloquent. 'There has been an earthquake in my life,' she says, inviting you inside an experience that fascinates everyone-an affair between teacher and student-and giving a personal answer to the question: How does this happen? A novel about a love so intense that the person you're with becomes your world, and when you lose that person, you lose your world."

The book was the starting point for what has become a hugely popular set of books that cover many different angles and subjects, yet it is still this first book that caused the most interest and discussion. Russ explained that far from receiving criticism about the subject he received many comments from people who knew this type of affair was going on over decades.

His next book “Breathe My Name” tackled a totally different subject.


Frances is falling in love for the very first time. But she has a devastating secret. One day, 11 years ago, her mother Afton suffered a psychotic break with the real world and smothered her own children with a pillow. Frances alone survived. What will her new boyfriend think about her twisted past? Especially now that Afton has sent a chilling message: "I need to see you. We have to finish." Frances and Nix embark on a forbidden journey to confront the monster in its lair so Frances can find peace. Or die trying

The next offering by this great author again moved to a different subject, with “Days of Little Texas”.


Ronald Earl Pettway, better known to his devoted followers as Little Texas, has been on the road six years preaching the gospel as a "child evangelist" and faith healer. Now 16, his hormones are running wild and he's beginning to have doubts. What is the meaning of his unsettling dreams? Why is the beautiful girl he just healed showing up wherever he goes, always wearing the same blue dress? And what diabolical evil is she leading him to on Devil Hill?

During the show Russ shared with us about his new novel which is due out in January, again he has changed directions this time bringing in his own life and working in NASA as his hero finds she is a “Super Vampire” able to go out in the light, not requiring blood, and resistant to garlic and whatever else might come here way.


She's superhuman. There's just one catch. Seventeen-year-old Emma Cooper has always been a risk taker at heart, smart and adventurous. But ever since her first grand mal seizure at the age of 13, her epilepsy has felt like a curse, wrecking her social life, derailing her dreams, even driving her boyfriend away. Her doctors think they know best. Her mom worries her to distraction. Tired of being held back, Emma fantasizes about running away, but she can't even legally drive. At least she can channel her frustrations into soccer, where she’s a star — the most aggressive player in the league — until a violent collision ends her playing days. Heartbroken, Emma steals a car and races into the night, no idea where she is going. Losing control on a steep mountain road, she crashes into a ditch beside a sinister forest. An old cabin beckons through the trees. Emma goes to look for help — and her life is changed forever.

The show covered so much that any listener I’m sure will find something of interest.

So sit back and enjoy today's Male YA Author "A Book and a Chat with R.A. Nelson".


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