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MYM A Book and a Chat with Andrew Auseon

After the Male YA Author Month set of shows started on Tuesday with myself being a guest of Heidi R Kling, today I had my first real guest one of the “Male YA Authors” recommended to me by the YA Bloggers.

Andrew Auseon has been writing since he was old enough to hold onto a crayon, and unlike some other authors a lot of his early work is still around filed away in numerous exercise books, which he still checks over from time to time.
With an early background of writing it was in 2005 that Andrew published his firstYoung-adult novel “Funny Little Monkey” It was called “a darkly comic debut” “strikingly clever,” “fresh,” and “delightfully funny.”

Now in paperback, it was stated as “steps up and uses an outrageous fabrication to resolve the final crisis in this off-beat coming-of-age-story. Funny Little Monkey was a finalist for the Borders Original Voices book award, the Tennessee Volunteer Book Award, and was an ALA’S Best Books for Young Adults nominee.

From this start Andrew direction slightly changed with his next publication "Jo-Jo and the Fiendish Lot", published in 2009. A slightly more heavy novel about Jo-Jo Dyas and a drummer from a punk rock band called the Fiendish Lot. The band come from the Afterlife, a strange, colorless world where souls sometimes pause on the journey between life and death. While different from Funny Little Monkey it was met with reviews such as…

“Auseon's vision of the Afterlife is unique and wonderfully described. But his description of the band that the young girl is in--The Fiendish Lot--and the music they play is just out of this world (no pun intended). Auseon really hit his stride with this novel. I highly recommend this and look forward to his next books.”

After Jo-Jo Andrew co-wrote a middle grade adventure novel "Alienated" with filmmaker David O. Russell who is also developing it as a major motion picture…

"The book is brimming with humor, compounded by the theme of self-discovery. Wonderfully refreshing is Gene’s character growth as he learns to become more thoughtful and caring and redeems himself by helping Walter fight the alien thugs. Quirky and imbued with a touch of romance, Alienated should resonate well with middle school sci fi fans."

Andrew’s latest and many think his best book so far is “Freak Magnet” which came out earlier this year. There has been much response and praise for this book, which is also why many wanted Andrew as a guest during this Male YA Author month. Andrew described during the show a story that lead to the opening chapter and the development of the two main and much loved characters “Charlie” and “Gloria”.

This book is one that Andrew said he had to write, returning to what really mattered character. As one reviewer put it… “It is realistic but doesn’t dwell on all the tragedies” as we discussed the book just gets on with it."

Described in 15 words, Freak Magnet is…

“A Story of weirdoes, finding love in a weird and difficult world, with food poisoning.”

With normal characters that anybody can relate to, it’s a must read book for all ages.

So sit back and enjoy today's Male YA Author "A Book and a Chat Andrew Auseon".


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