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MYM A Book and a Chat with Daniel Waters

Week two of Male YA Author Month (MYM) kicks off with author of “Generation Dead” series “Daniel Waters”.

Born with a crayon in his hand, a young comic book creator, Daniel shared how he got the epiphany regarding writing when the weekly homework of putting the weekly spelling words into sentences, suddenly formed the puzzle of the story in his mind. so he wrote a story. The teacher and his class mates thought that was pretty cool, and it soon became almost a monthly serial, which even had the class bully asking what was going to happen next rather than his normal bully tactics.

From that early start Daniel commented how his work developed from comic strip entries to his first novel launched in 2008 “Generation Dead”. During the show we heard how the idea for Generation Dead, came to Daniel while channel surfing in a hotel. A news magazine program about violence in schools, where basically kids were engaging in random acts of violence just so they could be filmed and the clips put on YouTube.

After going through the thoughts of a almost series book about school life, Daniel hit on the wonderful Zombie inspired format of Generation Dead.

The first book of the series was soon followed by “Kiss of Life” and then this year “Passing Strange”. While there are more stories left in the “Generation Dead” locker, Daniel shared he’s going to have a break from his Zombie friends, who even have their own blog, which has more hits than his own.

About Generation Dead:

Generation Dead is a young adult supernatural romance novel. It follows a girl named Phoebe and her best friends, Margi and Adam. It follows a story in which the country is baffled by a strange phenomenon of dead teenagers not staying dead. Some of them die, and suddenly start walking around again a couple hours later. Phoebe finds herself attracted to Tommy Williams, one of the "living impaired" teens at Oakvale High School. Oakvale High has attracted several living impaired kids from throughout the country because of the larger ratio of living impaired kids to living kids…

As Daniel shared all the characters seem to have their own fans, he even heard from readers who were dressing up as some of the characters for Halloween.

So sit back and enjoy today's Male YA Author "A Book and a Chat with Daniel Waters", after all as Daniel says... "YA fiction is the new Rock and Roll"


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