Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MYM A Book and a Chat with Allan Frewin Jones

My guest today on another Male YA Book and a Chat special is author Allan Frewin Jones. His love for literature started when a teacher read the first few chapters of Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen to his class. And as Allan says… “The heavens opened and voice said, "WRITE!".

His love of writing mixed with his love of music and art has inspired him to writer numerous books from the late 1980’s. Something that as we heard during a really interesting and entertaining program was aided by a mysteries chance meeting with an elderly gentleman on a train, which lead to his purchase of a collection of fantasy books, enhancing his already love for Fantasy.

Though Allan’s early works were produced at a time when fantasy was not the popular genre that it is today.

Popularity of series including “Stacy and Friends/Little Sister” and “Hunter and Moon” allowed Allan to write full time, developing him into a much loved author.

Other sets of books including “Dark Paths” and “Special Agents” kept his name on the literary shelves until with the increase of Fantasy books following the huge success of the Harry Potter books, Allan has brought his talents back to his first love.

Hugely popular series of books such as “Talisman”, “The Warrior Princess” and “The Faerie Path” have since flowed from the worlds of Allan Frewin Jones. Making him a much loved and appreciated author, that was suggested by many to appear on this month’s “Male YA Author” shows.

In a packed show that could have gone on for hours Alan shared with us much about his wiring as well as some of the works that are in the production pipeline including his new six part fantasy series “Sundered Lands” or as we heard during the show, being launched in the US under the titles “The Six Crowns”

So sit back and listen to an hugely entertaining sixty minutes as today I present "MYM A Book and a Chat with Allan Frewin Jones"

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Nov 27th Allan Frewin Jones - Author of "The Faerie Path" and "The Warrior Princess" series - Sat 11:00am EST

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