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Show 200 - A Book and a Chat with Bonnie Doerr

Today's "A Book and a Chat" was show number 200 and I was proud to have one of the Class of 2K10 the one and only Bonnie Doerr as my guest.

When she realized at the age of 6, she could not be a cowboy, or as we found during the program, a horse, nor was there going to be some prince to drag her off to a cozy home on acres and acres of land, she decided to become a teacher. From the early days of doing homework on a chalkboard in her basement to teaching all grades in seven different states, Bonnie has mixed teaching and reading with her love of nature.

This eventually lead to a children’s book “Kenzie’s Key” which was recommended by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for environmental education and is also included in Milkweed Editions literary guides.
Kenzie’s Key was also the grounding of Bonnie debut YA novel “ISLAND STING”.

Published by “Leap Books” and already on its second printing, this book has become one of the successes of 2010.

During what was a wonderful 200th show Bonnie shared with us many items and details about the book, her love of nature and the area of the Florida Keys as well as some insight into the characters win the novel.


What better way to hook readers into a book, than to have your main character almost drown as she rescues what she takes to be a dog, but later finds out is an endangered Key Deer? The fact that she is rescued by a very cute looking guy just adds to the opening pages of this great book.

Mix with that a mystery, poachers, the desire to clean up the litter environment all set in the beauty of the Florida Keys and you have a book that will appeal to all ages.

From science and art teachers, to green teens, or just those who enjoy a good mystery, this book is one that I’m sure will find it way into libraries and peoples must reads for 2010. Bonnie’s second book “STAKEOUT”, a book about turtles already in the final stages of editing, before being released early next year the name Bonnie Doerr is one to look out for.

For my two hundereth show, Bonnie proved a delightful and entertaining and informative a guest as her book “Island” is to read. So sit back and listen to today’s “A Book and a Chat with Bonnie Doerr


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