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A Book and a Chat with Dr Harry J. Saranchak

My guest today should have been Dr. Harry J. Saranchak, 30 years a vascular and general surgeon in three Connecticut hospitals, and for 25 of those he was also educator and mentor to medical students, residents and colleagues—while receiving eight Golden Scalpel awards for teaching excellence. Talking about his murder, mystery, voodoo, self-discovery and romance book “Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence”.

Imagine my surprise, after all the mentioned in shows over the last few months of parallel universes where the stories that and author puts down onto paper exist and all us writers are the conduit in this universe. How the characters take over the story leading the author far from their designed plot. Once the show started it was as I was saying, a surprise to actually be interview characters from the book, rather than chatting to the author. First the hijack the novel and then my radio show.

Still the show proved very interesting and enlightening, hearing if you like from both side of what went on through the books pages, from the investigation and shock of what Dr Alston Crowley and Maggie found happening on the beautiful island of Haiti, much of which was being done by the less than Hippocratic Dr Longfellow. To the views of Dr Longfellow himself, that the suffering of a few to aid millions was worth the suffering, which to my mind smacks of Nazi Germany.

“Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence”.

Dr. Alston Crowley’s medical career took flight on the wings of his parents’ dream. With fluctuating grades and a half-hearted desire to become a doctor, Alston much preferred to set his sights on specimens of the female variety. Not wishing to disappoint his parents, however, he decided to compromise, and set out for the Caribbean island of Montserrat, where he studied while basking in the natural beauty around him. Then, during his residency, the euphoria of paradise soon morphed into the harsh, clinical reality of New York Charity Hospital, where he met his nemesis, the brilliant practitioner, Dr. Maggie Finney. Under her relentless scrutiny, Alston’s medical career teetered on the brink of annihilation – until he was given a second chance to study at Physicians Scientific Research Institute in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, under the mentorship of Dr. Harry James Thornton, M.D., Ph.D.. At the Institute – metaphorically somewhere between Montserrat and Alcatraz, Alston’s life unexpectedly converged with researchers and practitioners in a tangled web of good versus evil. The subject of everyone’s focus: tiny yellow, red, and green frogs, emitting a mysterious substance. In the right hands, the discovery had the potential to revolutionize medical science. When in the clutches of the sinister Dr. Vincent Edison Longfellow, however, it altered countless lives and generations, engendering debates about the definition of “life” and its preservation. The ensuing challenges were not for the faint of heart, and beckoned Alston and his colleagues to probe and question the integrity of their profession. Ultimately, they found their way home – to the core meaning of “justice,” and the true essence of themselves. In this intense narrative, blended with intrigue, romance, and humor, author Harry J. Saranchak asks his readers to do the same. No one is immune to unethical practices and, where lives are at stake, the world is involved. Anyone, anywhere who has been privy to injustice must rise to the cause and have a voice.

The show proved one thing for sure, that this book is a “must to read”, so you can make your own mind up about the good and evil that spreads itself through the pages of been Dr. Harry J. Saranchak’s novel “Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence”.


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