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A Book and a Chat with Rosemary McCracken

Rosemary McCracken is today’s guest on “A Book and a Chat” she is the author of the thriller novel “Safe Harbor” or is it “Safe Harbour” (You’ll have to listen to the show to understand that comment).
Rosemary is now a freelance journalist who specializes in personal finance and the financial services industry though her background has been working in newspapers across Canada as a reporter, arts reviewer, editorial writer and editor.

While literature has always been part of her life it was only in the latter years that she finally has produced her own literary works. Firstly with short stories and now finally with her debut novel “Safe Harbor.”

The book was not without its teething problems, her original attempt seemingly not being wanted, it was only after sharing her work with veteran Canadian crime writer Gail Bowen who told Rosemary that “This book needs to be written in the first person…”, (it was written in the third person), that ”Safe Harbor” became what it is now.

Rosemary entered the rewrite in the 2010 Debut Dagger competition, sponsored by the British Crime Writers Association, where it was shortlisted. The success lead to it being published and Rosemary already has a follow up under way.

About “Safe Harbor”: (taken from “Morgan Bailey’s Writing Blog”)

Safe Harbor opens when a frightened woman barges into financial planner Pat Tierney’s office with a shocking request: “Look after my boy; he’s your late husband’s son.” The next day the woman is murdered and police say the seven-year-old may be the killer’s next target. In a desperate race to protect Tommy, Pat’s searches for the truth and uncovers a deadly scheme involving illegal immigrants, trafficking in human body parts and money laundering.

The book has received many great reviews, as one person wrote.

"The title of Rosemary McCracken's debut novel, Safe Harbor, resonates on many levels. Safe Harbor, a house that offers refugees with questionable legal status a home, is a central player in the novel's fast-paced and involving plot. But the words “safe harbor" also reflect the life financial adviser Pat Tierney has chosen to live after her husband Michael's sudden death. In the opening pages of the novel, Pat is ripped from her safe harbor by a dark secret from her husband's past. She is forced to meet challenges she could never imagine, but her courageous refusal to turn from danger makes her a very compelling protagonist. This novel will stay with you long after you've turned the final page."

So listen now and share an interesting,and entertaining thirty minutes with my guest Rosemary McCracken.

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