Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Tina Field Howe

Creativity comes in many forms, my guest today Tina Field Howe knows all about the many forms that creativity can show itself.

On previous visits to "A Book and a Chat" Tina we have discussed her work from freelance communications designing, through children's stories (“Snailsworth, a slow little story”.. .one of my kids favourites).

We have hearchatted abouther award winning Fantasy series, “Tellings of Xunar-kun”.

I’ve met, chatted and interviewed Tina and the cast of her award winning audio version of “Alysa of the Fields”, so what creativity is Tina working on now?

As we heard during an entertaining show, she is once more embarking on several new aspects of creativity, working on fresh screen writing, and using her experience gained in developing the audio book to create “SkyRider Sound

What Tina says about SkyRider Sound:

The production of the Alysa of the Fields audio book was an amazing journey. This two-year undertaking was not an easy task, but it was one of the best learning experiences. Not only was it my directorial debut; I acquired valuable sound recording, editing, and audio publishing experience that I will continue to develop.

Also, since some good relationships were formed with many of the actors, I desired to continue working with them on future projects. Therefore I have founded SkyRider Sound, a custom sound company that will continue to produce audio books for my work as well as that of other authors.

SkyRider showcases voice talent and musicians who are involved so far. I have many more interested and will add their photos, bios and clips once I receive them. In addition to voice, scene and music clips, there are also some funky sci-fi creature sounds posted on the site which were created exclusively for the Alysa audio book and that you might not have noticed in the background.

As well as this, Tina is developing a monthly news letter, where she is able to share the creative knowledge gained on so many levels, not only in writing, audio work etc as well as sharing her passion for writing with readers, writers and writers-to-be. You can find out more about this news letter and all the other items at

With the third book underway, working on voiceover and other new ventures, Tina Field Howe certainly knows about creativity.

So sit back and listen to today's thoroughly interesting and entertaining show as I host today's "A Book and a Chat with Tina Field Howe".


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