Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "M.M Anderson" (Even a Werewolf joined in the show)

M.M. Anderson has always had an active imagination and a mischievously macabre sense of humor. As a child she enjoyed scaring her parents, brother, cousins, and friends with creepy stories and Halloweenish pranks. All the while secretly suspecting that as an infant she’d been separated from her real relatives: the Addams Family. Ms Anderson is however, as we found out on tonight's show a whole lot more than that.

She has published nonfiction works, including "zoo books' and prize winning short stories, created commercial ads, written music, and penned the lyrics in Turnaround for Signal 7.

As we found out during tonight's show the author wrote the first of what looks like being a series of these books in dedication to her late father.

There are many werewolf themed books out there, but this one give new life to the Genre. With action, romance, comedy and just a little bit of the unknown. M.M Anderson takes the reader into the world she creates. She not only gave life to unique characters, but she created a whole new world in which they live in.

Written, with "tongue in cheek" humor "Werewolf Dreams" has already been enjoyed by people of all ages, the much awaited sequel to Werewolf Dreams... Werewolf Love: Until Death Do Us Part, which will probably be released in 2011, and the third in the series will follow down the line.

So sit back and share a fun thirty minutes entertainment, where we even have a call in from a Werewolf, as I chat with author M.M.Anderson.

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