Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "Courtney J. Webb"

Over the weeks, I've had guest calling parked at the side of the road, guest calling from up in the mountains or on a trail through the wilds. I've had guests from Canada and England, however today my show with Courtney J Webb was something different. Courtney is in Australia, and with the aid of a bottle of Prune Juice (that could cause some issues later on) joined the show at 2am in the morning her time.

Of course the fact that we are both from England even though thousands of miles a part meant we had lots to talk and laugh about.

I was using a new phone and it does seem to have a bit of an echo on it, so that needs to be sorted out, but I'm sure you can still enjoy the fun and laughter as I talk to Courtney about her and her book "Immaculate Deception"

Immaculate Deception is a rollicking look at sex, religion, crime and relationships in one delicious read. The novel follows the exploits of Craig Connery, a sexy ex-con whose split-second decision to take another man’s identity puts him in the most unlikely position: that of impersonating a priest.

Now, this decidedly nonreligious man must make it as a man of God. His first mission? Running a nursing home in regional Australia.

What follows is a high-stakes farce of biblical proportions as Craig dissembles his way through a life he knows nothing about. Along the why, he’ll glimpse a world whose secrets rival his own—and discover the shocking truth about the church, the elderly, and himself.

So why not listen to this fun thirty minutes as we discuss items from Marmite to Religion, listen and find out all about Courtney J Webb and her writing as she is today's guest on "A Book and a Chat"

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