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A Book and a Chat with Laura V Hilton

Today is the last “A Book and a Chat” for 2103 a year that for me has not been one o f the better 365 days, however along the way I’ve had some great guests on the show and for this final of 2013 I have another one in the form of romance writer Laura V Hilton.

Always a writer from a  very early age it was not until 2004 that she got her first book published in the form of the romance novel “Hot Chocolate”, this was followed by “Shadows of the Past”.

These early novel s were the stepping stones to the trilogies that have firmly put the name of Laura V Hilton on the romance writer map.
The first trilogy “The Amish of Seymour” which consists of “Patchwork Dreams”, “A Harvest of hearts” and “Promised to Another” made her a best seller, with many, many glowing reviews for her books. From this success a second trilogy “Amish of Webster County” was produced consisting of “Healing Love”, “Surrendered Love” and the just released “Awakened Love”.

About “Awakened Love”: (taken from Amazon)

A Bashful Baker--Twenty-one-year-old Katie Detweiler loves to bake. When she's hired at a local bed-and-breakfast to do just that, she's excited, especially because the owner promises the shy young woman that she won't have to leave the kitchen. But when her boss's husband requires round-the-clock care, Katie is forced to overcome her shyness and wait on customers, as well. Before long, a "customer" reveals himself to be a private investigator who informs Katie that she was adopted, and that her biological sister needs a bone marrow transplant. 

A Man on the Run--Twenty-two-year-old Abram Hilty has fled the drama of Shipshewana, Indiana, for Seymour, Missouri, where he's staying with his cousin Micah Graber. His plan is to hide, from a girl he no longer cares about; and also from a cold-blooded killer. Uncomfortable sharing his past and afraid of the consequences, he buries his troubles deep inside. When he meets Katie Detweiler, he is immediately attracted, but his pursuit of her is complicated by the problems of his past. An Adventure Unfolds--As Katie wrestles with questions of identity, she also struggles to navigate her blossoming romance with Abram, in the face of opposition from a jealous friend. As their relationship becomes more serious, Abram can no longer conceal the truth about his past. 

But parts of that past rear their heads, barring the way for a marriage between them; at least for now. Through dangers and near-death experiences, Katie and Abram must find their way back to each other. But only the power of forgiveness can bring them together for good.

With a fresh trilogy “The Amish of Jamesport” due out next year along with a non Amish novel  “The Appalachian Ballad Quilt”, the writings of  Laura V Hilton will continue to be read and enjoyed by an ever increasing audience.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Laura V Hilton

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