Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Allan Topol

International best selling thriller writer Allan Topol is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” chatting about his latest his Craig Page thriller The Russian Endgame, the third and final book in trilogy that includes “The Spanish Revenge” and “The China Gambit”. Allan is one of the best thriller writers of today and his books are always a must read.

A lawyer of some not, Allan has used his legal and military knowledge along with locations he has visited in his much traveled life to produce a stream of books that have readers eagerly awaiting his next page turning thriller.

Currently, plans are in the works to make three of the earlier novels “SPY DANCE”, “A WOMAN OF VALOR”, and “DARK AMBITION” to be made into movies. As we learned a screenwriter has already been hired by a producer to write a screenplay for SPY DANCE, and it is nearing completion.

His latest book “The Russian Endgame” is the thrilling closure of the Craig Page trilogy that included “The China Gambit” and “The Spanish Revenge”. 

About “The Russian Endgame”: (taken from Amazon)

When former KGB agent Dimitri Orlov orchestrates an alliance between two world powers bent on domination, he unleashes a powerful chain of events that will rock the Western World. The agenda? Eliminate the President of the United States and seize classified military weaponry capable of shifting the balance of world power. But before this nefarious scheme can reach fruition, Craig Page is on the scene, joined by companion Elizabeth Crowder, ready to confront a painful past and the enemies that helped create it. But can the indomitable Director of Counterterrorism emerge victorious?

Finding himself facing an old enemy unexpectedly catapulted into a lethal position of power, Craig is pushed to the limit in an effort to foil his enemy's deadly plans and keep potentially devastating military technology out of the hands of those prepared to destroy the world as he knows it. Filled with thrills, twists, and danger, The Russian Endgame showcases best-selling author Allan Topol's talent for delivering electrifying, gripping expeditions into the world of international intrigue.

As Allan shared with us, the end of this trilogy is not the end of Craig Page he will be returning early next year in book “The Argentine Triangle” one I am sure will be another smash hit for this talented thriller writer.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Allan Topol

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