Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Noah Baird

Noah Baird makes a welcome return to “A Book and a Chat” this evening. He is the only guest I’ve had on the show that failed to get into clown school… his grades were not good enough. However he did get into the navy for fourteen years. Now I’m not sure if that just shows how hard it is to be a clown, or how many failed clowns there might be in the navy.

After that as he spent time as a standup comedian, in Hawaii, working for food, in a dry club, often as we heard trying to tell jokes to a non English speaking audience. Still as we now know, he did have a boat named after one of his joke punch lines… (You’ll have to listen to the show to find out just what that was.).

When last on the show Noah shared about his book “Donations of Clarity” of which Genny "Honu" LaFontaine wrote… “I haven't laughed this hard since 1967." We don’t know what made her laugh in 1967, but as anybody who listened to tonight’s “A Book and a Chat” can vouch the author and his debut book are certainly things to exercise your chuckle bone.

About Donations to Clarity:

The plan was simple: hoax Bigfoot, then sell tours to Bigfoot enthusiasts. The plan wasn't brilliant, and neither were Harry, Earl, and Patch. The three chemical-abusing friends only wanted to avoid the 9 to 5 rat race, but their antics attract the attention of a real Bigfoot. When the misogynistic Earl is mistaken for a female Bigfoot by the nearsighted creature and captured; it is just the beginning of their problems.

The U.S. Government has a plan to naturalize the mythical creatures living within the U.S. borders. The problem is the plan needs to be carried out carefully. You can't just drop little green men and Sasquatch in the middle of Walmart without warning Ma and Pa Taxpayer. The naturalization program is not ready to be set into motion, and the rogue Bigfoot is bringing too much attention to itself, including a feisty investigative reporter who uncovers the truth of the government conspiracy and two Bigfoot researchers. No longer able to contain the situation, government agents are tasked with eliminating the Bigfoot and all witnesses.

Between bong hits and water balloon fights, Harry and Patch come up with a plan to save Earl and the lovestruck Bigfoot. Where do you hide a giant, mythical creature? In an insane asylum, because who is going to listen to them?

Now Noah has a new book out, this time aimed at a younger audience, in fact as we learned it was written at the request of his two children, who wanted him to write a book they could read.  Kimberley McMaugh also provides beautiful illustrations for  this charming new children’s book “Southpaw”.

About “Southpaw”

In a wacky town of only left-handed people, something is not right . . .
South Paw explores the ideas of discrimination, bias, and acceptance. Read this book for enjoyment, or use it to stimulate deeper discussions on how we should treat each other

As one reviewer stated…

Wonderful book with unique illustrations! A fun book for children with a valuable life lesson. Hope to see more from the talented team of Noah Baird and Kim McMaugh!

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Noah Baird


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