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A Book and a Chat with Dr Mark Rubinstein

Fellow Connecticut author Dr Mark Rubinstein was due to be my guest on last weeks show however a flat tire and no mobile meant he could not make the show. Meanwhile my guest for this weeks show had to drop out as their book is not in print yet and they wanted to put off appearing until it was available. Therefore two wrongs ended up making a right and I am pleased to say that Dr Mark Rubinstein is the guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat”.

From his background of medicine and psychiatry which includes several non-fiction books, Mark wrote his first debut fiction novel in the form of the wonderful suspenseful and riveting, “Mad Dog House” which he shared with us on his last visit. This book went on to be a “Finalist for the 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award”  (Thriller & Suspense), as well as receiving over a 150 glowing reviews on Amazon, and I might add one of the favorite books in my own household.

Now Mark is back with a brand new and and if anything even more “can’t stop reading and page turning” novel in the form of “Love Gone Bad” a wonderful tense, moving, and wondrously bone-chilling novel.

As the Library Journal described “Love Gone Bad”…

There's nothing subtle or surprising about Rubinstein's one-note tale of obsessive love and insanity, and that includes the characterization, plotting, and especially the writing.

He's got a story to tell, so by God he tells it, without the slightest nod to artifice or art. Surgeon Adrian Davis, divorced and consumed by his job, meets gorgeous nurse Megan Haggarty in the lunchroom of the New England hospital where they both work, and before he can even touch his chicken soup, he's madly in love and the feeling seems reciprocated. Megan's a single mom, and she's got a big secret. Her ex-husband, Conrad Wilson, "a brilliant madman," has arrived from Colorado, and he's determined to kill Megan,; their daughter, Marlee,; and Megan's new boyfriend, Adrian. Adrian and Megan escape a number of attacks, until Conrad is finally caught and put in a hospital for the criminally insane.

There's no question he's going to escape, and in fact no questions at all as the story speeds to its inevitable conclusion.

A giant twist toward the end will leave most readers more amazed by how Rubinstein  laboriously manages it than by what it actually is.

The book is a fast paced page turner, a provocative psychological thriller that will keep you as one reviewer stated… “kept reading faster and faster to find out the ending.”

Last time  Dr Rubinstein was on the show I used the comment from one reviewer who was wanting more after Mad Dog House…

Word of caution: be prepared for an all-night, page-turning read where you will emerge exhilarated and begging for more.”

Well reviewer your wish will be granted, as we discussed during the show the originally planned standalone novel will soon have a follow up in the form of “Mad Dog Justice".

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Mark Rubinstein


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