Friday, January 18, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Kaylin McFarren

Linda Yoshida, aka Kaylin McFarren was previously on my show chatting about her debut romance novel “Flaherty’s Cross”, today she returns to talk about her latest series of books which have already won several awards.
Kaylin has writing in her blood, her great aunt “Bessie B. Cordell”,  was an evangelistic missionary during WWII,  and was instrumental in opening an orphanage in Tientsin, China. She though, also wrote two published novels, Precious Pearl and Blossoms of the Flowery Kingdom, about her dangerous, harrowing experiences.
Kaylin is now following down the same road to success with her latest novel “Severed Threads” the first in the “Threads” series of romance suspense/adventure novels.
When asked what was the hardest thing re writing a romance suspense thriller, Kaylin replied…
“The most difficult task to writing a suspense story is to keep the action moving while revealing character traits and emotions along the way. Severed Threads contains an array of characters and each serve their purpose in revealing a twisting and turning plot that ultimately leads to a pleasant resolve. However, keeping the voices of each person unique also proved to be a challenge.”
About “Severed Threads” (taken from the authors web site)
Believing herself responsible for her father's fatal diving accident, Rachel Lyons has withdrawn from the world and assumed a safe position at a foundation office. When called upon by a museum director to assist her former love interest with the recovery of a cursed relic from a sunken Chinese merchant ship, she has no intention of cooperating - until her brother is kidnapped by a drug-dealing gangster. In order to save him and gain control over her own life, Rachel must not only overcome her greatest fears, but also relive the circumstances that lead to her father's death.

Using knowledge from her own travels along with research in underwater treasure hunting Kaylin has penned a novel that already has people asking for more, a wish that will soon be answered when further books in the series “Buried Threads” and “Banished Threads” become available.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Kaylin McFarren

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