Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Tom Weston

Today saw a welcome return to "A Book and a Chat" for Tom Weston.

First though I had to have my say about recent book banning and censorship that has gone on within the YA arena. To this end I am having a special program on Sunday October 24th at 6pm EST to discuss the whole subject of "Book Banning and Censorship".

That out of the way it was good to chat again with Tom. Previously he'd been on the program to discuss his transission from IT nonfiction writer to YA mystery writer, with his debut YA novel "The First Night" and his follow up book "The Elf of Luxembourg".

These two novels are the first, and as Tom shared during the program not the last in the “Jackie and Sarah” series of books.

The First Night” being set in Boston, and of course the second book being set in Luxembourg, with a book set in Ireland and another in Prague in the pipe line I can see these... “Mystery while sharing the beauty of the country” style books becoming more and more popular.

During the show, Tom also shared with us the fact that he is currently transferring his screenplay “Fission: the Lise Meitner Story” into a novel, which to allow readers tidbits he’s serializing on Face Book, something that goes back to the days of the early Sherlock Holmes novels in the Victorian “Penny Dreadful’s”.

Tom once again was an interesting and entertaining guest.

So sit back and enjoy today’s “A Book and a Chat with Tom Weston


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