Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Kay Strom

When you have done over 200 radio shows there are two flows that can make the shows so much more entertaining, firstly meeting new people, secondly the return of old friends from previous visits. Today’s "A Book and a Chat" was one of the latter when multi talented writer, speaker and 21st century abolitionist Kay Strom made a welcome return to the show.

With 36 published books, five have been book club selections, eleven have been translated into foreign languages, and one was optioned for a movie covering everything from children’s stories to booklets for writers, Kay has covered most of writings bases, including, as we love to talk about lecturing on cruise ships.

During Kay’s last visit we touched on a trilogy she was writing set in West Africa in the 1700’s. The first book “The Call of Zulina” in what is now the “Grace in Africa trilogy” had just come out and we chatted a lot about the various aspects that the book covered.

During today’s show we talked about the second book in the trilogy “The Voyage of Promise” comes out next month and the third and final book will be available next February, this is called “The Triumph of Grace”.

About "Voyage of Promise"

She is safe, and she is free . . . but she is still alone.

Slavers burst into Grace Winslow’s life with guns blazing and tear her family apart forever. She watches in anguish as her husband is led in chains aboard a tightly packed slave ship bound for America. An old enemy has a more sinister plan for Grace and prepares her for a different kind of servitude in London. But Grace will not be enslaved. And she will not give up on the man she loves. In her determination to be reunited with her husband, she finds God reaching out to her

As well as chatting about the Grace in Africa books, Kay also shared with us her next set of books, this time set in India, again a trilogy. We discussed other possibilities all of course making sure there was some investigative traveling required.

As normal Kay was a wonderful guest sharing with us many incites not only into her writing but also into many of the everyday items that mean so much to this 21st century abolitionist.

So sit back and enjoy today’s “A Book and a Chat with Kay Strom


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