Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Dean M. DeLuke

My guest on today’s”A Book and a Chat” is Dr Dean M DeLuke. I guess now that people can type up their novels on a computer, it does not matter that people always had trouble reading doctors writing, and perhaps that’s why there seem to be more and more doctors, turning their hands to writing.

In the case Dean, it is not just his medical background that he’s been able to use in the production of his mystery/thriller novel “SHEDROW” but also his love for thoroughbred racing, that goes back to his youth.

Think “Dick Francis meets Robin Cook” and you’ll have a rough idea of this splendid debut novel. It is a story and adventure that straight from the off, gallops along taking the reader through many twists and turns on a page turning adventure. “Shedrow” is not just for horse lovers and thoroughbred race enthusiasts, to whom the word “Shedrow” is instantly recognized as a row of barns at a race track. It is a book for all ages and sexes, the book is a terrific whodunit, with characters that lead you from one chapter to another making you want to know more about them.

As Dean shared with us during the show, the book and the publication has been helped by other medical authors, and I’m sure the name Dean M DeLuke will soon be spoken about with other famous doctor authors.

So sit back and enjoy today’s “A Book and a Chat with Dean M. DeLuke


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