Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Mary Jane Paris"

After my enforced break it was good to be back chatting to authors, bloggers and enjoying the show as much as I hope listeners do.

Today's guest on a book and a chat is a fellow Connecticut author, Mary Jane Paris.

Mary Jane or MJ as I know her, has taken her experiences from more than 25 years in people management, sales, retail banking, training, recruiting, coaching, project management, event planning and community leadership. Not only to create her own company, but to share her knowledge and know how in her book "A Positive Workplace Means Business... It Just Makes Cents$"

MJ shared with us her what lead not only why such a "positive" view is so important at any workplace, as well as what lead her to first create the company and then how news letters lead her to produce what is the first of several books designed to boost morale & productivity, maximize employee potential and improve business results.

Explaining the importance of "P2P" (people-to-people) relationships - both personally and professionally, MJ positivity was there for all to share.

So why not listen to and enjoy today's show "A Book and a Chat with Mary Jane Paris".

Direct link to the show is...

A Book and a Chat with Mary Jane Paris

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Mary Jane Paris

To find out more about MJ visit her web site at:

Positive Workplace

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