Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "Laura Preble"

Born and raised in a town where a Lima Bean was the mascot, then going to Ohio State University, which has a Buckeye, a poisonous nut, as it's mascot, might explain a little about tonight's special guest "LAURA PREBLE" and her humor. Or perhaps it's stories her father told her, such as how when he'd her mother she'd been go-go dancing on tables in white boots. Something as we found out during tonight's show that got Laura, and I her father into trouble.

Either way Laura Preble's sense of humor and sense of fun, comes through tonight's show as indeed it does in her "QUEEN GEEK" set of books.

From her first book "Queen Geek Social Club" through "Queen Geek In Love" to "Prom Queen Geeks" Laura leads us through her inspiration during tonight's show as well as sharing with about "Euphoria" another star of the books. Also get an incite into what might be next for this truly entertaining author.

We also learn about the other side of this talented lady, who has sang both with her own group and her husband "Chris Klich" jazz quintet. She has even opened for the likes of "Steely Dan" and "Joan Collins"

So why not sit back and listen to a fascinating, entertaining and fun thirty minutes as I chat with Laura Preble her writing, singing and most of all the "Queen Geek" series of books.

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Laura Preble

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