Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "Joanne Sundell"

On tonight's "A Book and a Chat", Joanne Sundell makes a welcome return visit. Previously we discussed her historical romance novels including Meggie's Remains which was launched in July of this year. This time Joanne shares with us, what to her has been a labor of love, going back to her own roots in Virginian. Indeed as we find out during the show her own great-grandfathers both fought in the Civil War.

Her latest writing is a Civil war romantic series called "The Quaker and the Confederate", of which she has already written the first two books, "Hearts Divided" and "Hearts Persuaded". Joanne explores the subject of war through the eyes of a male Quaker, a female masquerading as a soldier, a free man, and a female slave, during the difficult, turbulent times of the Civil War.

So stop by and share with me as Joanne chats about how things are going with her other books and the thrill she has got from what was for a her a "labor of love", writing these Civil War romantic novels. How the hero's turned from two to four as the book progressed and all the things Joanne found out as she did her investigations during the writing of these two fascinating books.

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