Friday, December 14, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Linda Ballesteros

It is funny how shows seem to run into each other in themes, even though shows are booked months ahead and with no planning themes just seem to happen. At the moment it seems we are having a of shows about life and business, sort of self help authors. Following Charmaine Hammond’s  appearance on the Tuesday’s show, my guest today is Linda Ballesteros.

Linda Ballesteros inspires and empowers others to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals. A modern renaissance woman, Linda is a motivational speaker, business woman, a coach and leader for women in business, author and radio show host.

A successful business woman, banker, Linda went to a meeting about networking and found she just did not understand what was being said or described. Taking matters into her own hands thinking there might be other people who had heard of networking but like herself had not the starting point, Linda set up her own business women’s networking group, Wine, Women and Wealth.  The organization grew to more than 300 members during it’s first year and recently merged with a nationwide organization where she served as the Texas Regional Director.

Using this background Linda has now not only become a much sort after speaker but has also shared he knowledge in her book  “Your Pot of Gold is a Handshake Away : A step by step plan to quickly grow your business through referrals”

About "Your Pot of Gold is a Handshake Away":

Transformation is the goal of this book which can take time and intention. To make the concept easy, Linda designed the book to include: - A quote from someone famous that you may respect. - An expansion of the quote's concept as it relates to business by referral. - Exercises that can cause specific actions that will embed the concept on deeper level into your lifestyle. If you follow these steps is no doubt in my mind that your goal of transformation will be achieved. You will earn more money and attain sure confidence that your business will continue to expand.

The book is a simple read, easy to follow and has been very well received.

As one reviewer put it…

Linda absolutely puts in plain English and logic; the importance and value of referrals. There are other books that will talk about this subject but YOUR POT OF GOLD is the only resource that completes the study and application of how to increase business through the referral system. It's not a boring encyclopedia type book--it's a handy, use-it-now book that will create growth immediately.

Linda shares her knowledge not only through her book and inspirational speaking, but also through her own radio show “Power Talk with Linda Ballesteros”.

 So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Linda Ballesteros


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