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A Book and a Chat with Hunter Shea

We have had guest call in from up mountains, side of roads, standing outside in a rain storm and even from a restaurant, today’s guest making a welcome return to the show, Hunter Shea, called in from Books Without Borders event in Yonkers, NY. In fact we finished the show, all be it with one telephone hiccup just in time as when I called Hunter back after the show a band had just started playing making it hard to hear for the both of us.

Hunter as you may remember from his previous appearance on “A Book and a Chat” was weaned on TV programs such as The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone and In Search Of, so it was inevitable he would head for the dark side creating literature of all things ghostly and beastly.

He has published several books and a slew of horror short stories over the years in magazines like Dark Moon Digest, Morpheus Tales, The Harrow, Tabard Inn, Deadline & Ethereal Tales, just to name a few.

Previously he discussed his debut no novel Forest of Shadows, which s available through Samhain Publishing and their new horror line, which has put Hunters name well on the horror map. In fact as Hunter shared during the show, there will soon be a follow up to this successful book.

Today though we were mainly chatting about his new book Evil Eternal, what’s been described as Gran Guignol at its best and bloodiest.

About Evil Eternal: (Taken from Frazer Lee’s Blog)

It’s a complete departure from my first novel with Samhain, Forest of Shadows. Evil Eternal is about an undead priest who is called from his home in the Vatican catacombs to fly to America to battle the recently resurrected demon, Cain (he of the Cain and Abel story).

Cain has a penchant for violence and demon-making and has taken on the flesh of the mayor of New York City. It’s Father Michael’s job to stop Armageddon, if he can. Along the way, he comes across a homeless guy named Shane who has special abilities he was never even aware of, and he’s reluctantly recruited in the ultimate battle. Poor guy is an atheist and now he’s fighting alongside God’s most treasured monster.
It’s very over-the-top with sweeping scenes of carnage, but it also has a heart and a bit of an untraditional love story. There have been many attempts at the angels vs. demons storyline, and I wanted mine to add a little more depth while maintaining a non-stop action pace.

As one reviewer put it…

In Hunter Shea's second Samhain release, Father Michael, the Vatican's ultimate weapon against demons, is called out to fight the eternal spirit of Cain, who has returned to spread death on Earth. Aimee DeCarlo and Shane Baxter, a young couple in New York City, are drawn into this epic battle between good and evil. The fate of the world may hinge on the outcome.

Set in interesting locations from Rome to Vermont, the scenes in New York City pop with detail that takes the reader right there. An accurate and creative application of Catholic theology throughout keeps the story from descending into the usual muddled mix of the secular and the religious that most angel/demon stories deliver.

If you like horror novel you are sure to like Hunter's Forest of Shadows, and you'll love Evil Eternal, look out for these and his future novels, you’d better get reading as you are officially two novels behind.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Hunter Shea


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