Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YA Month - "A Book and a Chat with Jessica - Chick Lit Teens Blog"

January is YA Radio month on A Book and a Chat, with special guest throughout the month, not only authors but bloggers as well.

When I am lucky enough to get a YA Blogger on my show as a guest, I sometimes ask them why they started blogging. My guest today started because of her love of the three "R's" though in her case it's "Reading, Writing and Ranting". This can all be found at the home of today's special guest on YA MONTH - "A Book and a Chat", Jessica who writes in the blog "Chick Lit Teens" another of the people I call the "Sham-Wow" of YA literature.

Though we never found out about Jessica's love of the Gilmore girls, nor why she might want to color her hair pink (you'll have to hunt for that information). We did learn much from this great young blogger. including how she started blogging, and the thrill of receiving a request for her first review.

Jessica chatted about some of the books from 2009 she'd really enjoyed and a few titles she is looking forward to reading in 2010.

Covers and trilogies, blogs and interviews all were covered in this entertaining and educational thirty minutes.

Though she is very secretive about her own writing, which she completed on the last day of 2009, she did share that it's received a favorable review... so keep looking... you never know!

So why not sit back and enjoy tonight's show "A Book and a Chat with Jessica from Chick Lit Teens Blog".

Direct link to the show is...

A Book and a Chat with Jessica

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To find out more about Jessica visit her blog at:

Chick Lit Teens Blog



(Listen to the show or else if you want to talk to the guest dial in on 347- 237-5398)
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Jan 19th – 6:30pm Jessica – “Chick Lit Teens Blog”
Jan 21st – 6:30pm Sharon – “Sharon Loves Books & Cats”
Jan 23rd – 11:00am Heidi R Kling (Sea) 1hr
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